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Youth Growth

Coach Justin McLennan

I am a health enthusiast whose work centers around helping our youth live healthy lifestyles to become the best versions of themselves. Having earned licenses as a life coach and youth physical trainer, my work focuses on both the mind and the body. Over the last 10+ years, I've been developing, organizing, testing, and creating unique, actionable ways to implement my learnings into training to ensure they are adapted, the tools are learned, and both become part of the student's current and future life.


Encouragement Coaching

Encouragement coaching is designed to support the growth of our youth. The growth that leads to becoming the best version of themselves. Most of us, especially children, are unaware of why we do what we do. And we often need to find out why we act the way we do.


Encouragement coaching is designed to help students recognize their inner voice and become the force that drives their decisions. It's about shifting our youth's focus from what's missing to what's available and teaching them the techniques and strategies to change the discouraging internal dialogue into powerful stories that promote growth.

Power Coaching

Power coaching is designed to help our youth reach new heights by improving their personal awareness and physical health. It's about bringing confidence to our student's internal beliefs and strengthening their bodies through exercise. Power coaching's success is supported by a long and short-term step-by-step goal-setting program that educates youth on how to successfully set goals and the importance of accountability.


Power coaching will help your child overcome challenges and raise their personal standards in multiple facets of life.

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Ready. Set. Grow!

Believe your child is ready for the next step in their journey? Want to help them grow and develop?

Contact us today to learn more and determine the best coaching program to help support your child in their journey to becoming the best version of themselves.

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