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The Story of Justin & Priya

Justin and Priya first met in 2012 during a soccer match.  Sharing the love for soccer, it wasn't long before they realized this wasn't the only shared interest.  Even before their first date, they were discussing their future plans.  Little did they know the seed of Living with SHAPE was planted.  Justin was working towards his goal of being a personal trainer and positive role model for teens.  While Priya, was just beginning her path towards a doctorate in Child Clinical Psychology.  


Now they are happily married and growing their family in the beautiful Denver area. Justin is currently empowering many young adults through Living with SHAPE’s strengths-based coaching program and is also a licensed head coach of a 200X boys soccer team. Furthermore, Priya is currently helping many young children and their families as a doctoral intern at the Jefferson Center for Mental Health.

The Three C's of life:

Choices, Chances, Changes.

You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.    - Zig Zigler

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