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Cheat Sheet: Helping your Child Live a Healthy Lifestyle

With obesity amongst children continuing to be a health crisis, Living with SHAPE has created a “health cheat sheet” for parents. The cheat sheet is derived from our latest blog "Children: How & Why to Live a Healthy Lifestyle," that provides parents with tips on how to promote healthy living amongst their children. It also introduces the equation "Healthy Living = Mindfulness + Diet + Exercise," breaking down each component and listing a few benefits to each health element.

It is up to us as parents and as role models to ensure our children live long and healthy lives. It is Living with SHAPE's goal to do just that through our private youth fitness training. This cheat sheet was created to act as a starter guide for parents to help their children live a healthy lifestyle. Childhood obesity can be prevented! Healthy living starts with education and it starts with YOU!

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