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You Down with EBC? Yeah, you know me! - Empowerment-Based Coaching

Our whole goal is to make a well-rounded person. One who wakes up loving who they are in the morning. A person who knows their purpose in life and who goes out and pursues progress each day. The one who lives a healthy lifestyle not because they "have to" but because they know the positive impact it has on their life. We want to help develop a person with a sense of balance. A person who knows their self-worth and who understands the importance of self-care, not only for themselves but others as well. A person who gives back to their community to better those around them. This is why we created Living with SHAPE, an Empowerment-Based Coaching program.

Empowerment is the process of creating a more confident, resilient, strong, and resourceful self. It is the ability to learn from your past experiences and to use them as stepping stones to creating a better future. Empowerment allows an individual to control their environment and to make calculated decisions that enable the best version of themselves to shine. Those who feel empowered take action by seeing the opportunities to grow in every situation. They do not just make lemons into lemonade; they build the stand too.

Empowerment-Based Coaching is designed to give your kids the skills, resources, opportunity, and motivation to create a solid foundation. A foundation that will help them live meaningful and fulfilled lives and allow them to take on any challenges that life throws at them. Research has shown that there are three key pillars to a child’s healthy development; a healthy environment, positive relationships, and adaptive skills. Living with SHAPE’s Empowerment-Based Coaching program is aimed at developing and stabilizing these three core pillars in a child’s life.

Through our program we will be equipping each “Achiever” with tools and resources, combined with their own passions and strengths, to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Empowerment-Based Coaching will help to enhance the positive relationships that surround each child and to help create family dynamics that bring each other closer. By understanding the mind and body connections, Achievers will begin to understand the power that comes from healthy nutrition and exercise. In addition, each Achiever will learn critical skills such as goal setting and emotional coping techniques that will help build resiliency and mental strength.

Let us help you and your child continue to lay a strong foundation and help strengthen their three pillars. Join Living with SHAPE today! Follow us on Instagram @LivingwithSHAPE for ways to help empower your child. In the next coming weeks, we will be sharing some of our Empowerment-Based Coaching exercises that can be entertaining and challenging for the whole family. Start empowering your family today!

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