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Don't use your Eyes to see Beauty

The world is a beautiful place, don't be blind to its beauty by relying on only your eyes to see it. Beauty is everywhere, it surrounds us, but we don't always notice it. Think of the last time you were in a negative state. You were angry, frustrated, and stuck in the past or upset about a future event. Did you notice the beauty all around? Now, remember a time you were in a neutral state, an auto-pilot feeling, lost in your thoughts. Did you see the beauty this time? Even when you try to pull these memories up to relive them, does beauty exist in the memory?

While you may have noticed some, I'm sure plenty was missed and went under-appreciated. It is not easy to see the beauty when the state we are in is not positive. Being in a positive state allows us to become aware of life's beauty, which energizes our bodies and minds. When this happens, we see our world as positive, joyful, happy, and become motivated, compassionate, and loving. Our world is a reflection of the state we are feeling. Change your state, change your world.

By transforming your state of mind, you gain access to your full potential. It's like being inside a box and bursting through the top. Not only will you become aware of the beauty around you, but you'll also become more aware of the beauty inside you. By transforming your state of mind, you gain access to your full potential, causing a flood of loving thoughts, feelings, and ultimately, behaviors. You create an internal environment that will allow you to rise to become the best version of yourself.

The most significant part of all, you can change your state, your world at any time. How? Here are a few techniques.

  1. Move your body! Exercise increases your heart rate, which is a natural mood booster. Get up, go for a run or turn on your favorite song and dance like when you were a child.

  2. Smile! Smiling sends positive signals to your brain, changing your mood. Get up, smile in a mirror, or put on that silly video that always makes you smile.

  3. Sit up or bring out your inner superhero and pose as if you were Superman standing on top of a skyscraper! Like smiling, this position can reduce your stress levels and increase your confidence.

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