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The need for help is becoming more apparent than ever before. The family foundations have been asked
to hold everything up, but the supports are giving out. And while there is a scarcity of licensed mental
health providers out there to support these families, we are in an opportune time in history where
technology can help assist in bringing research based supports to those who need it most. That is where Living with SHAPE's (LWS) digital platform can help!

Living with SHAPE is a United States based digital health platform for building healthy families and future generations. We will provide caregivers the foundational skills to heal from their past and communicate healthy life skills to their children, building communities that are the support systems to help our next generations flourish.


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Living with SHAPE is a strength-based coaching program that helps children, parents, and families live a balanced and healthy life both mentally and physically. Strength-based coaching focuses on each family member’s unique strengths and uses these only to enhance and support healthy family foundations. Our online platform will offer youth, parenting, and family self-guided courses that build resilience for strong mental and physical health.


Within the LWS platform, adolescents and families will learn holistic approaches to health that incorporate lessons on best practices for child and family physical and mental health. Living with SHAPE has designed a program with 14 core modules that can be expanded upon depending on each family’s unique needs. Courses focus on the everyday challenges that families face daily (e.g., building healthy family relationships, digital safety, and how to read your food labels). LWS is the "one-stop shop" for families' preventative behavioral health care needs.

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