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The need for help is becoming more apparent than ever before. The family foundations have been asked
to hold everything up, but the supports are giving out. And while there is a scarcity of licensed mental
health providers out there to support these families, we are in an opportune time in history where
technology can help assist in bringing research based supports to those who need it most. That is where Living with SHAPE's (LWS) digital platform can help!

Living with SHAPE is a United States based digital health platform for building healthy families and future generations. We will provide caregivers the foundational skills to heal from their past and communicate healthy life skills to their children, building communities that are the support systems to help our next generations flourish.


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Experience Living with SHAPE, a transformative strength-based coaching program designed to empower parents and transform family life. Discover the keys to creating a harmonious and thriving environment, both mentally and physically. Uncover your family's unique strengths and leverage them to build resilient foundations. Our cutting-edge online platform offers self-guided courses that unlock the secrets to strong mental and physical health, empowering you to achieve the balanced and fulfilling life you and your family deserve.

SHAPE Your Future

Experience the groundbreaking SHAPE Your Future program, a customizable journey designed to meet caregivers at every stage of their development. Whether you're surviving, finding your path, or evolving, our program adapts to your individualized needs and goals. Harnessing the power of research-based assessment tools, we curate courses that align with your attachment style, family demographics, and desired outcomes. Embracing a holistic approach to parenting, Living with SHAPE recognizes the intricate web of factors that contribute to your growth and the creation of a strong family foundation. Dive into a wealth of educational courses spanning physical, behavioral, and familial health, empowering you to shape a future of abundance and fulfillment for yourself and your loved ones.

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