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Your Inner Journey Begins Here

"An inspiring novel written for today's youth, teaching them how to transform and improve their lives by uncovering their inner powers."

What you'll learn.

1. Tips for living a mentally healthy life in the present    



2. Helpful techniques to improve mental resiliency &       

    how changing your thoughts can change your world.


3. The meaning and importance of practicing compassion.


4. Preventive ways to stop your emotions from controlling

    your actions.


5. Living a life of non-judgment, non-attachment and


"An easy read with an empowering story line and a great story to read along with your child."

From Sidekick to Superhero Book Cover

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Our Superhero Series!

"Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself."

Workbook benefits for you and your child

From Sidekick to Superhero Workbook Cover


From Sidekick to Superhero Book Cover
  • Over 140 pages to make sure you don't miss out on any valuable lessons this book has to offer.


  • Improve and transform your life alongside the main character, Bodhi through mindful training exercises.


  • Learn and practice cognitive learning techniques to increase confidence and self-esteem.


  • Challenge yourself to start living a healthy and mindful lifestyle.


  • Encourages readers to live a meaningful life.


  • Helps facilitate parent and child discussions.

Embrace Your Inner Superhero!

Start creating your dreams today!

About The Series

From Sidekick to Superhero allows readers to watch how following the book’s effective personal advice transforms and improves the main character’s life while aiming to allow readers to think about the possibilities of transforming their own. These lessons are those, author, Justin McLennan has learned from personal experiences and ones that have allowed him to live a happy life.  This is a creative and fun story written to help our youth become more spiritually aware and learn how to live a life of being conscious of the present moment.


"The Journey Begins” is the first book in the Sidekick to Superhero™ series created to inspire and guide its readers to live a balanced and healthy life. On its own, or combined with the "Sidekick to Superhero Workbook - Phase One," this book will help its readers learn important life lessons through the main character's journey. Bodhi, a young teenager, is struggling to find his identity. He's never quite able to fit into the usual crowd that surrounds him at school until he meets Andy, a true Superhero. Together, Bodhi and Andy set off on a series of adventures that lead to Bodhi building his confidence, making new friends, and ultimately finding his path. Learning valuable life skills along the way, Bodhi uncovers his superpowers in hopes of becoming Andy's sidekick.

Our Titles

From Sidekick to Superhero

The Journey Begins

From Sidekick to Superhero

Eager to get started?  Download and start reading chapter one today for free!

From Sidekick to Superhero

Inner Powers Phase I - Workbook

From Sidekick to Superhero Workbook Cover

Whether you want to get a head start or a peek inside, download the first two sections free!

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