"At first they'll ask why you're doing it, then they'll ask how you did it."

What We Do...

Living with SHAPE is a strength-based coaching program that helps children, parents, and families live a balanced and healthy life.  Strength-based coaching focuses on each family members unique strengths and uses these to only enhance and support healthy family foundations. We offer individual youth sessions, parenting courses, and family sessions. One of our top priorities is to work collaboratively with you and your family to create specific goals that help you create your healthiest foundation. We incorporate techniques from cognitive-behavior therapy, positive psychology, and physical health encouragement coaching throughout our entire program. We believe that a balanced life is a healthy life; which requires building resiliencies in both your mental and physical health. Thus, our program will integrate research-based treatment techniques recommended to improve both your mental and physical health.

What To Expect...

Elite coaching staff

Research-based mental and physical health courses

Goal creation and management

Individual and family strength-based sessions

Monitored success through innovative and personalized dashboards

Safe, secure, and positive environment