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Living with SHAPE Program

Building Healthy Families

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of program would you call this?
    Living with SHAPE is a strength based coaching program focused on helpoing build healthy families by empowering children and parents. That is not to be confused with "Strengths Based Coaching" that mainly focuses on improving your strengths and opposed to addressing weaknesses. Living with SHAPE is a strength based coaching program, meaning our encouragement coaching focus on helping build physical and mental strength through resiliency training. Our program goal is to educate on the mind-body connection, how to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle and help others to live meaningful lives.
  • What can I expect from the Living with SHAPE program?
    One on one or group sessions that provide kids with techniques for living a healthier balanced life. Encouragement coaching sessions will incorporate both a physical workout followed by a coaching period tailored to helping our clients to have a healthy lifestyle. During physical training, sessions will be built around our core values; Teamwork, Respect, Focus, Positive Attitude, and 100% Effort. Additionally, within a positive and safe environment, our professional coaches will help guide your children through goal setting, problem solving, and exercises to help improve mental and physical strength. Your child's progress and growth through the program will be monitored and tracked in order to better improve our services to fit your child. The Living with SHAPE program is dedicted to helping increase personal physical and mental health but also increase family physical health and family mental health.
  • What are the main benefits of the Living with SHAPE program?
    The program will provide your child with the necessary tools and motivation to start living a healthier life both physically and mentally. Through positive coaching, we will help improve your child's confidence, strength, resiliency, and self efficacy. Through goal setting our program will help your child learn about core concepts such as responsibility, purpose, initiative, and fulfillment. Overall, the Living with SHAPE program will help your child become the best version of themselves.
  • How does this program differ from a personal training program?
    This program differs from personal training programs in multiple ways. First, our professional coaches are dedicated to providing techniques that help your children strengthen both their physical and mental health through encouragement coaching. Much like personal training, we will incorporate the many health benefits that physical exercise has on our mind-body connection. Taking our training one step further, Living with SHAPE, also incorporates evidence-based techniques that have been proven to help increase children's resiliency and self-efficacy. Our program aims to help our children, parents and families live a balanced life and to become the best version of themselves.
  • What is the format of a typical session and how long do they last?
    Sessions are 60-minutes long and are broken up into two sections, training and coaching. The bulk of the time together is spent engaged in physical exercises and training. Physical exercises can involve speed, agility, and strengthening. Depending on the age of the children, strengthening exercises can involve resistance, body weight, and weight training. Towards the end of the session we will switch from physical exercising to mental exercises. Mental exercises consist of "Inner Sidekick" work, learning cognitive behavioral techniques, goal setting, discussions, and working on tools togethers such as our "From Sidekick to Superhero" book and workbook.
  • Where are training sessions held?
    Training sessions are usually held at Kapiolani park. However, some sessions are held at surrounding area parks such as Huna Kai, Makiki, and Waialae Iki. Depending on the size of the group and yard availability, we are willing to host "in-home" sessions as well.
  • How large is each group and how are they selected?
    It is our goal to keep sessions to a maximum of five children. We have found five to be a great number that allows us to maximize sessions while still providing each child with the appropriate amount of attention during training and coaching. Groups are selected based on a few factors such as: current relationships between friends, ability level, availability, and size of current groups. We always do our best to try and meet everyone's needs, especially the childrens' needs. We want them to be part of a group that they can excel in while having fun and learning.
  • What type of resources do you provide?
    Currently, we provide two main resources we've published in order to help educate children and allow them to learn techniques for living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. You can find a short description of them below. We also do our best to provide additional resources and information through our blog postings, which focus on living a healthy lifestyle. We will be continuing to provide additional resources centered around building family mental health and family physical health. Published Resources: "The Journey Begins” is the first book in the Sidekick to Superhero™ series created to inspire and guide its readers to live a balanced and healthy life. On its own, or combined with the "Sidekick to Superhero Workbook - Phase One," this book will help its readers learn important life lessons through the main character's journey. The "From Sidekick to Superhero Workbook - Phase One," is a read along with "From Sidekick to Superhero - The Journey Begins" that allows the reader to learn healthy living techniques alongside the books main character, Bodhi. The goal of the workbook is to engage the reader to better understand Bodhi's life lessons and how they may influence their lives. Combined with the book, this workbook is a great way for parents to interact and have meaningful conversations about healthy living with their child. For more information or to purchase either of these, please visit our publications page.
  • At what time are training sessions available?
    Training and encouragement coaching sessions are available seven days a week. Trainings take place between the hours of 3pm-6pm HST Monday through Friday. Sessions are also held Saturday and Sunday mornings between the hours of 8am-12pm HST. During the summer months, every other Friday offers training from 11am-6pm HST.
  • Do you offer anything to parents?
    We are in the process of creating parents classes and a parent workbook that will help parents learn many of our coaching techniques, how to build health families and how to faciliate discussions about living a healthy lifestyle with children. Parent classes will be focusing on how to improve their physical and mental health but also how to increase family physical health and family mental health. The workbook will educate parents on emotional vocabularly, exercises, and how their habits impact their child's behaviors. In addition the workbook will help parents understand the connection between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and to become comfortable talking about emotions with their children. Through talking about emotions, it is our goal to strengthen the bond between families. In the future, we will also be offering parents with individual and/or group sessions to teach techniques that strengthen family relationships and to help them continue providing a healthy environment at home.

It's time for healthy living. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

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