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"What lies behind us and lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Success. Health. Awareness. Passion. Education

Instilling Healthy Foundations for Families and Future Generations

Why We Build Healthy Families

We are experienced, passionate, and positive leaders who strive to help build healthy families. It's our passion to help parents and children improve their physical health and mental health.

Justin McLennan
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Justin M.

Priya M.

Priya and Justin first met in 2012 during a soccer match. Sharing the love for soccer, it wasn’t long before
they realized this wasn’t their only shared interest. Even before their first date, they were discussing
their future plans, which together formed the seed of Living with SHAPE. They are happily married and
proud parents of two amazing children in the Philadelphia area.

Our Vision

We imagine a world where mental and physical health are equal, where caregivers have the foundational skills to heal from their past and communicate healthy life skills to their children, and where communities are the support systems to help our next generations flourish.

A World with SHAPE

Where SUCCESS is not defined by the money you make but by the way you make people feel.

Where HEALTH is not defined by how physically fit you are but by how well you listen to your mind, body, and soul.

Where AWARENESS is not defined by how many people know who you are but by your ability to self-reflect.

Where PASSION is not defined by your relationship status but rather what sets your soul on fire.

Where EDUCATION is not defined by your degree but by how much you have learned from your experiences.

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Clinical Innovation Consultation

We currently offer clinical innovation consultation for behavioral health organizations looking to use innovative technologies and translational approaches to accelerate their business processes and transform their care.

Youth Growth Coaching

We currently offer Encouragement Coaching and Power Coaching for children looking to use proven strategies and techniques to grow both mentally and physically to become the best versions of themselves.

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Living with SHAPE, LLC

Philadelphia, PA

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