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Inspiring.  Motivating. Positive.

Our Motivation

Living with SHAPE is a strength-based coaching program dedicated to providing families with the necessary tools to live and maintain healthy lifestyles.  We educate our members on important aspects such as proper exercise techniques, the value of nutrition, coping skills to promote resiliency, and techniques for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By identifying and magnifying your family's strengths, we are able to help empower and strengthen your "team." A team that is SHAPING the leaders of tomorrow. Come join our community and help us create the strongest and most balanced generation yet!

Our Purpose

Living with SHAPE is a program dedicated to bringing physical and mental health awareness to the children and families within our community.  SHAPE will tailor a customized program to meet each child or family's specific needs to help them reach their greatest potential.  The SHAPE program utilizes research-based practices to help children and families identify their personal goals and create steps to achieve them. Courses can focus on mental health conditioning (e.g., coping skills, leadership skills) as well as physical health conditioning (e.g., excercise, nutrition education, proper sleep techniques). Additional parenting courses, strengthening family dynamic courses, and individual therapy sessions focused on specific diagnoses (i.e., anxiety, depression, disruptive behaviors, ADHD, and trauma) can also be provided. Furthermore, each child and parent will be able to track their individual and/or family progress through the use of our innovative and tailored client dashboards. We are dedicated to helping children learn how to cope with their own emotions and to become resilient leaders of their communities. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen families and to help create empowered and resilient youth. We understand that families and children face many challenges these days and it is our mission to help build stronger and healthier relationships through these adversities. Within our encouragement coaching program we incorporate mental and physical health techniques that build upon your family’s many strengths and help your children maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are here to enhance your family dynamics and to help your children find their purpose and magnify their passion to pursue it.

Our Vision

To empower our youth to build a world inspired by passion, conscientiousness, kindness, and communal progress.

"An evolution for the generations."

Living with SHAPE logo

Our Goals

Coloful Chalks

Team Members

Each month help a few new children to start painting their futures.

Stone Tower


Assist with helping those within the community to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Workout Class

Our Future

Open our own physical and mental health fitness center.

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