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What is Superhero Coaching?

Superhero coaching is “life-coaching” or "encouragement coaching" for kids.  It’s a program designed to help children develop and become the person they want to be.  It’s designed to support children to stop focusing on what they don’t have and focus on what they do have.  Most of us, especially children, are not conscious of why we do what we do. And we often don’t necessarily know the real reasons why we act the way we do. Superhero coaching or encouragement coaching will help your child focus on what they want to move towards versus what they want to get away from.  It’s about shifting focus, learning techniques, and strategies, and building an identity the will help your child become their true self.

Origins of Superhero Coaching

I started seeing my life coach when I was 22 years old, still new to the game, but excited about what I could learn. It wasn’t until around age 24 though, that I had my first life coaching “epiphany,” that shifted my life and sent me in the direction I wanted to be headed. And life coaching, now encouragement coaching has been a part of my life ever since.  My coach and a few of his colleagues hosted a retreat for their students in June of 2008.  Immediately, it was clear that I was the youngest one there by an average of fifteen years.  It was amazing hearing everyone’s stories and watching breakthroughs happen before my eyes.  But it actually wasn’t until an older gentleman sat next to me at the fire that I realized I had found my calling. This older gentleman, who had just had a breakthrough himself, sat next to me and said, “If only I had started this when I was your age.” That was the moment the seed of Living with SHAPE and being an encouragement coach was planted.


It was one of the most impressionable memories of the trip for me. I started to think about how lucky I was for being open to this and running with it.  But then it started to weigh on me, I am young, but I’m not that young.  How amazing and different would my life be if I had started this even younger? 


Believing just how powerful this information would have been earlier in my life, I obtained my life coaching certification and have started teaching these techniques and strategies to our youth in the form of superhero coaching.   


Between ages 7-21 we go through many developmental changes.  We start to socialize with our peers, try to develop our own identity and independence.  All of which are critical times that affect how we interact in our adulthood.   While I was young at 22 to join life coaching, I can only imagine what I would have been if I were to join during my developmental ages.

The goal of superhero coaching is to help guide our youth to navigate through the uncharted waters of childhood and enter adulthood embracing their inner superhero.

The Powers Behind Superhero Coaching

  • Shift your focus:  Stop focusing on what you are trying to get away from and move towards what you want to achieve.

  • Strengthen your mind, body, and soul:  We all need someone who we can trust that will question and challenge us on the decisions that are shaping our lives.

  • Open your eyes and becoming aware:  Awaken yourself to your thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviors and use them to propel us towards our dreams.

  • Uncover your passions:  Discover what is truly important to yourself and use those to shape your future.

  • Achieve your goals:  Step-by-step planning on how to successfully set long and short-term goals that you will be held accountable to.

  • Discipline and learning:  Empower yourself with the strategies and techniques that promote healthy living.


  • Breaking through your ceilings:  Builds confidence and strength to overcome life's challenges and set higher standards.


  • Be true to yourself:  Promotes shifts in our lives to become more authentic and inline with our identity, helping us become the person we want to be.


  • Caring and nurturing:  Identify areas of your life that need attention to help you live a healthy and balanced life.


  • Love for today and tomorrow:  Helps you understand how to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

Superhero Cape of Stages

Phases of Becoming the Inner Superhero

Help your child release their inner superhero and start transforming their life by taking steps towards becoming the person they want to be.

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