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Use these Tools to help your Child Live a Balanced and Healthy Life.

I will never forget the day during a group session when a man came up to me and said, "If only I knew this stuff at your age." At first, I did not think much of it, but then I realized just how lucky I am to have learned techniques at a young age that allow me to live a healthy and balanced life. And then it clicked! I needed to find a simple, yet engaging way to share and educate our youth on how to use these tools at an even earlier age. I wanted to create a way for parents to provide their children with the right environment, tools, and resources to transform and improve their lives. Thus, Living with SHAPE was born.

As a first major resource for parents and children to learn about healthy living, Living with SHAPE created the "From Sidekick to Superhero" series. The first books in the series titled "From Sidekick to Superhero: The Journey Begins," and "From Sidekick to Superhero Workbook: Phase I," are a way for us to start teaching children the right tips and tools for living a balanced and healthy life.

The book is aimed to inspire and guide its readers to do just that; live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. "From Sidekick to Superhero: The Journey Begins," will help its readers learn valuable life lessons through the main character's journey. Bodhi, a young teenager, is struggling to find his identity. He is never quite able to fit into the usual crowd that surrounds him at school until he meets Andy, a real Superhero. Together, Bodhi and Andy set off on a series of adventures that lead to Bodhi building his confidence, making new friends, and ultimately finding his path. Learning valuable life skills along the way, Bodhi uncovers his inner superpowers that he hopes will help him become Andy's sidekick. In combination with the book, the workbook is an excellent way for readers to better understand Bodhi's life lessons and how his lessons may translate into their own lives. The workbook also incorporates a multitude of exercises and resources that help readers better understand healthy living techniques, such as techniques on mindfulness and self-care. Additionally, these books are an excellent way for parents to interact and have meaningful conversations about healthy living with their children.

You have been laying a great foundation for your children, now let us help you provide your children with the resources and tools needed to live balanced and healthy lives in an enjoyable and collaborative way.

For more information on these books, download a free sample of each at

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