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Thank You Hawaii, Aloha Denver

Three months ago, our family moved off the island of Oahu and back to the mainland. While our new adventure in Denver couldn't be off to a better start, and Denver is already finding a place in our hearts, we will always miss our life in Hawaii. From the relationships we made to the beautiful sandy beaches, Hawaii will always be a part of us.

We will always keep a piece of Hawaiian culture in our hearts. The islands have taught us so much. They have helped shape how we see the world, and we hope to continue to spread the “Aloha Spirit” wherever we go.

In line with that, here are some of the powerful lessons that we hope to carry forth:

1. Family matters most.

2. Treat everyone and everything as your family, as we are all connected. 3. Slow down. Breathe. 4. Remove your ego. 5. Appreciate nature and its beauty. 6. Live in the moment. Be where you are - not where you think you should be. 7. Allow love in. 8. The little things are the big things. 9. Embrace diversity. 10. And of course, remove slippers before entering someone's house.

"Ua ola loko i ke aloha." Love Gives Life Within.

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