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Embrace Change, Step into the Unknown and Let Failure Facilitate Growth.

Living in a world of constant change helps us see that the only constant that genuinely exists is "change" itself. We are unable to prevent change from happening, but what we can do is choose to embrace change. Change can be pleasurable or painful, depending on our perception and how we cope with it. While it's easy to embrace change when it's pleasurable like when you get a new promotion or win the lottery, it's much harder to embrace change that might lead to more pain than gain at first.

Often we become comfortable living in our bubble of consistency. Our consistency and routines keep us from stepping out of our comfort zones and into the unknown. Moreover, there is a higher risk of failure when we step into the unknown. There is a risk of failure, but what some others don't mention, you also risk not following your passion. You risk missing out on some of the most significant life-changing opportunities you will ever have.

So the real power in life comes from embracing change and embracing the unknown. Walking through uncharted waters and having the confidence in yourself to know you will survive no matter what happens. That confidence doesn't come easily, and it doesn't happen overnight. Believe it or not, that confidence happens from failure.

Failure? Yes. Failure. Failure brings the best opportunities for learning. However, you wouldn't be able to fail if you didn't change your routine. There is comfort in doing the same thing day in and day out. You know you won't fail, or even if there is a small snag in your routine, you have the confidence in yourself to know you will find your way back to that comfort zone. However, what if you could have that inner sense of confidence and knowledge in every aspect of your life? You can, but failure has to be part of the picture.

Failure facilitates our personal growth. A child doesn't start off running right out of the crib. He fails multiple times, but he gets back up. And in getting back up, his body and mind naturally fix the kinks that were in each "practice run." So, the ability to grow from failure is evolutionary. With each fire that our cavemen brother failed to get burning, another spark was lit in our drive to do better the next time. Growth depends on our ability to get out of our comfort zone and to change the way we look at failure. Failure is our "frenemy" that helps us grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The more we open ourselves up to trying new things, we strengthen our confidence in overcoming each opportunity, whether we fail at them the first time or not. An excellent way to gain more confidence in embracing failure is to start to create positive mantras that resonate with you.

Positive Mantras we LOVE for Embracing Change:

  • I am supported.

  • I want to experience it all.

  • I am equipped with the power to change my life.

Positive Mantras we LOVE for Embracing Failure:

  • I am fearless.

  • I always push through failure and find a way to succeed.

  • I am confident and determined.

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