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Using a Moment's Force to Empower Yourself

A moment is a brief period of time with an infinite number of possible meanings and power. A moment's force can be so dominant that it changes our life instantaneously for the better or worse. It's a force that controls our lives unless we decide to mold its influence in a way that helps propel us in the direction we want to go.

But, before we learn how to utilize a moment's power for our benefit, we must understand where we are headed. If we don't know where we are heading, then we risk using the force of a moment to push us in an undesirable direction. Whether that direction is incorrect or just slightly off our desired path. Once we determine what we want out of our lives, where we are headed, then we are in a position to use the energy of each moment to thrust us in the direction of our choice.

To do so, we must mold a moment's influence in a way that motivates us and encourages us to take the right actions. This can be accomplished by consciously deciding the meaning of every moment. A moment in time does not have one meaning that is universal for all those who experience it. It is us who decide how we perceive each moment and the meaning we assign to it. It is our perception and the meaning we assign to it that will dictate if the power of each moment will push us in the correct or incorrect direction.

The fact that a moment can have many meanings is the reason some of us grieve while others celebrate the passing of a life. The purpose we link to moments will determine our actions and, ultimately, if that moment has a positive or negative influence on us. This is why we must choose to link empowering meanings to each moment.

Choosing an empowering meaning isn't easy. Especially when we react and immediately focus on the negative that stems from a moment. Going back to the example of losing a loved one, many times, we assign a disempower meaning to the event, such as, "I will never be able to tell them _(fill in the blank)_." Reacting is normal and can be instinctual at times. However, we do have greater control over what happens next, once we become aware of the initial meaning we assigned.

Once we reach this awareness, we must decide, "am I going to continue giving this a disempowering meaning or give it a new empowering meaning." It's up to us, even though it may be difficult, to choose to focus and select the empowering meaning. The key to choosing the empowering meaning is by asking yourself the right questions.

Empowering questions such as...

  • What's a more empowering way of looking at this?

  • What else could this mean?

  • What good can come from this?

Not disempowering questions such as...

  • Why does this always happen to me?

  • Why is life so unfair?

  • What's wrong with me?

You will find what you seek, so seek the positive answers.

Next time you feel the power of a moment, follow these steps to use that power to your advantage. Control that moment, so it impacts your life for the better.

Identify your path and what you are aiming towards. Mold the force of that moment in an empowering way by asking yourself positive questions. Choose and assign a more empowering meaning to that moment.

If you focus on the empowering, you will be empowered.

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